How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

How Often Should You Detail Your Car

Your car is your biggest investment; however, it retains its value only when you maintain it the right way. And what is the right way to maintain your car? Get a car detailing service done every 2 to 6 months!

However, many car owners are confused about how many times they must get a car detailing service done, as it can vary depending on the number of times you have to take out the car and the kind of terrain you drive on. 

The mileage and overall condition of the car are the most influential factors that contribute to the car’s value. The condition is hugely based upon the appearance of the car and the wear and tear of the car. Regular car washing and cleaning can improve your car’s appearance.

How Often Should You Get Car Detailing Done?

You need to bear in mind that the most important things for deciding this depends on three things:

  1. Where you live
  2. How often do you drive your car?
  3. Where you drive your car

Someone who only drives their car once a week does not need to get their car detailing done every two months. However, if you drive your car every day and drive on rough terrain, then opting for a car detailing service every 2 to 6 months is a good idea. 

Now, should you take interior or exterior car detailing service, and what are their benefits? Let’s explore that below. 

Car Interior Detailing

Car interior detailing involves proper cleaning and vacuuming of the car from the inside. This is done to remove crumbs, debris, and dust that gather on the carpet, floor mats, seats, and trunk. The upholstery of the car is shampooed and or even refreshed by using specialized methods.

Car Interior Detailing

It depends on the material the seats are made of and covered with. If your car has child safety seats, then they need to be thoroughly cleaned, too. The air vents, windows, dashboard, door handles, steering wheel, and gear stick – all need to be cleaned, wiped, and polished. Then, specialized techniques are used to make the car look as good as new from the inside. 

Benefits of Car Interior Detailing

Car detailing also includes cleaning the interiors of the car. There are several benefits of getting regular car interior detailing done. Some of them are mentioned below:

Prevents Excess Wear and Tear

Regular car detailing service helps in maintaining the interiors of the car. This is because everyday use lets the inner surfaces develop excessive wear and tear.

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime can lead to the wearing away of the upholstery and other interior surfaces of the car. A car interior detailing deep cleans the car and takes out all the dirt, dust, and grime. 

Increases Safety While Driving

If you have not got your car cleaned thoroughly or have a car that has dirty windshields, windows, and car mirrors, then driving such a car is not safe. This is because it affects your visibility to see your surroundings properly when you are driving.

Booking your car for detailing results in a clean exterior of the cars, which improves visibility and the overall safety of the driver. 

Helps Avoid Health Issues

When you sit behind the wheel and start driving, you are in a closed environment, especially if you are driving with the windows shut. The dirt and dust in the car can become a source of allergies and many health problems.

Since car interior detailing deep cleans your car and removes all the dust, dirt, or particles that can pose a health threat, it helps in avoiding health issues. Contact us at +971 50 187 3124 and let our experts service your car.

Eliminates Odour

A good car detailer will successfully remove any bad odour that your car has. They tackle bad smells by extracting dirt and grime. Then, they follow it up by applying an odour eliminator, which targets bothersome smells and gets rid of the bad smell.

It is important to keep in mind that an air freshener is a temporary fix to bad odour in the car. Getting car interior detailing done can help in removing bad odour.

Car Exterior Detailing

Car exterior detailing service is all about having the exterior of your vehicle clean and looking as shiny as new. It includes washing the car, claying, polishing, and waxing your car. Here, claying refers to the process of pressing detailing clay and rubbing it over the car paint to get rid of additional dirt.

Car Exterior Detailing

Having exterior car detailing keeps the vehicle looking in mint condition also protects it from rust, fading and, finish chips, etc. Additionally, most detailing services also do wheel jobs, such as cleaning, conditioning, and shining your car’s wheels.

Benefits of Car Exterior Detailing

Why should you take your car for exterior detailing? Before answering this question, imagine the road type you take is exposed to bird droppings, tree sap, dead insects, and grime; it can harm the exterior of your car and cause long-term damage. If your route is such, then exterior detailing is something that becomes significant, and you must be regular with it.

There are multiple benefits of exterior detailing service, including it takes your car to a whole new level. You can find more benefits below:

Paint Protection

Paint protection is one of the primary benefits of exterior detailing. Having car exterior detailing service includes applying a protective layer, for example, wax or sealant acting as a shield against different contaminants.

This barrier helps prevent fading, oxidation, and damage caused by UV rays and also ensures that your car paint maintains its vibrant color. Looking for a car’s exterior detailing auto shop? Email us at [email protected].

Contaminants Removal

Your car’s exterior acts like a magnet to contaminants whenever you hit the road, for example, road salt, bird droppings, bug splatter, etc. These stubborn contaminants are removed during exterior detailing service via a cleaning process that goes beyond the regular car wash service, not only improving the car’s appearance but also preventing long-term paint damage.

Shine Restoration

As it is already said, your car is a magnet to contaminants whenever you hit the road; however, over time, exposure to these contaminants can dull the glow of your vehicle’s paint. Scheduling your car for exterior detailing results in a shiny car as good as new because this service includes swirl marks, oxidation, and elimination of minor scratches.

Preservation of Resale Value

Regular car exterior detailing is an investment that always pays off in the long run. How? Having car detailing on time preserves your car’s resale value. A well-maintained car body, free from paint damage and scratches, significantly increases your car’s appearance when it is time to sell it. Keep in mind that prospective customers pay more for a car that has been well-maintained.

Protection Against Weather Condition

From rain or snow to harsh sunlight, your vehicle faces a storm of weather conditions, which ultimately affects the exterior of your vehicle. However, if you are regular at taking care of detailing, then you should not worry about it.

Because, exterior detailing adds an extra layer of protection, which makes it easier for your vehicle to withstand the elements. This protective coating acts as an obstacle against rust and environmental factors.

Considering the importance of car detailing and its benefits, if you are looking for car detailing in Abu Dhabi, then all you have to do is get in touch with us. Our experts will assess your car and provide you with the most detailed and professional car detailing.Feel free to visit us at Plot no 69, Mussafah M-37 Abu Dhabi, UAE, or call us at +971 50 187 3124 for any query.