The Ultimate Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist For Used Cars

The Ultimate Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist For Used Cars

Are you thinking of purchasing a used car in UAE, the importance of pre-purchase car inspection can not be overlooked. A pre-purchase inspection means inspecting the exterior body of the car thoroughly, as well as the functioning of all components.

This helps you judge whether you are making the right decision and what the ideal price of the car should be – keeping in mind the minor drawbacks – if the car has any. Since you don’t want to regret it later, a pre-purchase car inspection is something you must invest in. 

Al Zaabi Autocare values your time and money and presents you with an ultimate pre-purchase inspection checklist for used cars below.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

There is a particular checklist that is followed by any good pre-purchase inspection service. It will help you in making a good decision. The important points are mentioned below:

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

Always Inspect the Car for Scratches

The first and foremost step that you need to follow is to inspect the car for any kind of scratches or dents or even paint jobs. You must do this inspection in daylight so that you can ensure that every inch of the exterior is visible to the naked eye.

If you notice any discrepancies in the paint coat, then it suggests that the car has had its share of dents and scratches that have been repainted. During this inspection, ask if the car was in any major accident or if any of its components were replaced.

Test Car’s Electrical System

The second step that comes with a pre-purchase car inspection is checking the electrical system of the car – whether it is working properly or not. You must make sure that the electrical equipment is responding to each command.

The electronic system of a car also includes the indicators, the external foldable mirrors, the music system, and the power windows. Since it tends to get extremely hot here in Abu Dhabi, it is crucial to make sure that the air conditioning of the car is working properly or not. 

Always Check for Battery Problems and Leakages

If you were to hire a pre-purchase inspection service, they would emphasize the importance of checking a car for any battery problems or leakages. They would always check in and around the car battery terminal to see if there had been any wear and tear.

Once you have done a test drive, you must park the car and see if there is any leakage. If there is any leakage, you can ask the seller to get it fixed; otherwise, it will lead to spending your money later after you have purchased the car. 

Inspect the Engine

One of the most important components of a car is its engine. You need to check the functioning of a car engine thoroughly when you conduct a pre-purchase car inspection. The entire running of the car depends on how good or bad its engine functions; therefore, this is crucial. 

If you see that the engine misfires, then it is a big NO – it could be dangerous to you and your family to drive a car that has a faulty engine. If you were to notice smoke coming from the engine, then you must always opt for getting a professional opinion about the proper functioning of the car engine

Check Brakes Responsiveness

Brake responsiveness is very important when it comes to safety while driving. Check the responsiveness of the brake pedal. Carefully listen to see if there are any grinding or squealing noises. If so, it is a sign of worn pads and rotors; get them fixed before purchasing a used car.

Ask the owner to show the car’s brake maintenance history. If it is frequently repaired, then it is better to look for another used car to purchase.

Assess Transmission and Suspension

While having a test drive, pay attention to the transmission system and assess how the transmission responds. Remember, smooth gear shifting is very important to enjoy driving. The used car may have a transmission problem if you find any jerking or unusual noises during gear changes.

Additionally, observe your car by driving on different surfaces. The uncompromised suspension should provide a smooth ride without noise and excessive bouncing. Depending on your findings, decide whether it is good to buy this used car or not.

Check Windows, Lights, and Tires

Inspect all lights and windows, ensuring there is no damage, such as chips or cracks. Check if there is any fading that is usually caused by UV exposure, particularly on the taillights and headlights.

Another important step in the pre-purchased inspection checklist is checking the tires’ condition. Look if the tires are damaged or the wheels are not aligned. If you find any issues with windows, lights, or tires, ask for their repair before purchasing the car.

Check Odometer Reading

Odometer tampering is one of the common practices while purchasing a used car. Check the odometer reading of the car and see if the readings do not correspond to the car’s condition. If so, ask the car owner to have a regular car service first.

Complete Legal Documentation

Ensure you have Insurance Papers, Registration Certificates, Original Car Purchase Invoice, and No Objection Certificate transferred to your name to make a legal transaction for the car.

You must always be mindful that you choose a good pre-purchase inspection service to come up with a good decision about buying a used car. The purpose of this is to make sure that you have a good experience every time you drive your car and make lots of memories.

Trust us to send our best expert mechanics from our Abu Dhabi vehicle inspection center, and our team will help you in making a well-informed choice that lasts you for a long time! Call us at +971 02 551 0885 if you have any questions.