How Does Oil Change Improve Vehicle Performance?

How Does Oil Change Improve Vehicle Performance

If you wish to boost your car’s performance, then an engine swap or a turbocharger is not going to help as much as an oil change service. Even though it may seem like a small thing, getting an oil change during the manufacturer recommended intervals helps drastically in improving your car’s performance to higher levels.

It does not just boost the performance but helps in maintaining your car the right way – increasing its longevity. Something so minor as an oil change may seem negligible but this small step has huge results that impact your car’s overall well-being positively. 

Impact of Regular Oil Change on the Car’s Performance

Regular car oil change is very important when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly. Below, we will discuss how it positively affects your vehicle. Let’s dive right in!

Impact of Regular Oil Change on the Car’s Performance

Improves Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that when you get an oil change, it helps improve your car’s fuel efficiency? This helps you spend less on fuel and increases the number of kilometres you can travel on a full tank. This also means that there is less pollution in the air – so it is a win-win situation for everyone!

Motor oil has the main function of lubricating the different moving parts of the engine. It is an essential component that keeps your engine running smoothly.

When you have clean oil in your car, it keeps the different parts of the car flowing freely. Dirty oil, which has lost its viscosity, requires the engine to work extra hard to maintain the same speed. When the engine works harder, it ends up consuming more fuel. Therefore, in order to boost performance, you must keep the oil changed. 

Heat Transfer

The functioning of an engine makes it hot. Each time the fuel combusts in a cylinder, it is like a mini explosion, which is complete with flames. On top of that, as and when the metal components move, they generate heat through friction.

Booking your car for an oil change regularly cuts down on friction; therefore, part of the heat source in an engine is properly maintained. Many car owners are unaware that the oil soaks up some of the heat that is generated in the engine. 

Since it flows away from the high-heat areas, the heat is then transferred elsewhere. A high performing engine also has an air cooler which operates in a way like small radiators – it helps with this same thing. 

Increases the Life of the Engine

If you want a high-performing car, then you need to take care of its engine. An engine functions properly when you get the car oil changed at regular intervals. If your car engine stops working, it is going to cost you much more.

Therefore, it is important to stay on top of oil changes. Using old engine oil can kill your engine since it overheats it while scouring the parts with debris and starving different areas due to blockages in the passageway of oil. Opting for an oil change costs much less as compared to replacing an engine. Thus, it is always a small choice. 

Debris Removal

Just like we have mentioned before, regular oil change service helps in debris removal, too. Debris has several ways to get inside the engine of your car. The fuel system of the car has a set of filters that help in preventing it from flowing that way.

Debris is surely very harmful to the life of your car engine. The engine oil plays a tremendous role in picking up these foreign particles and transporting them to the oil filter, where they get trapped.

When there is a lot of debris, it can block the passageways. As and when the oil becomes old, it breaks down into a sludge form, which puts a lot of strain on the engine. This then hurts the performance of the engine. 

Now, you might have a question about when to change the oil. Well, the answer depends on the car’s make and model. To find an absolute answer, look in the manual to find the oil change intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

So, you must be regular when it comes to oil change service as it is directly proportional to the life of your car engine. Are you looking for an oil change in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi? Hop over to the Al Zaabi Autocare service centre and let our experts take it from there!