7 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Car’s Body

7 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Car’s Body

Getting a new car is an extremely thrilling experience. From holding the keys in your hand for the first time to going for your first long drive – it is all worth it. It is for this reason that, as a car owner, you wish to keep your car as good as new, free from scratches and any kind of damage. 

But one of the biggest realities of being a car owner and driving on the roads is that you cannot prevent your car from getting minor scratches or damage. Even if you do not get a dent on your car, the weather conditions in Abu Dhabi are such that they can take the glow off your car.

Thus, we suggest certain steps to protect your car’s body, preventing visiting the car garage on a regular basis.

Different Ways to Protect Your Car’s Body

Below are a few useful ways to protect your car’s body:

Different Ways to Protect Your Car’s Body

Always Try to Make Room on the Road

Any good mechanic working at a reputable auto body shop will tell you that when you take your car on the road, always try to make room for others. To put it simply, it means that you must not follow other cars too closely and try always to maintain a safe distance.

We are not talking about you ramming your car into another one, but vehicles may cause small road debris to kick up, which can cause chips in your car paint or even cause a small dent. This is particularly true when you are driving at a high speed or when you are driving on the highway. 

Park in the Shade

The summer season in Abu Dhabi can be brutal, with the temperatures soaring high. It may seem an obvious thing to park your car in the shade when you are outside in order to prevent the car from heating up, but did you know that the harmful UV rays of the sun can cause your car paint to crack?

Always take some time to park your car in the shade by looking for the right spot and avoid parking directly in the sun or it may cost you a trip to the car body shop.

Get UV Protective Window Tints

As mentioned earlier, the temperatures can soar in Abu Dhabi with the sun’s heat baking to the fullest; it is advisable that you get UV-protective window tints. 

There are a variety of window tints available that you can choose from as per your choice and requirement. A good UV protective window tint can reflect 99.9% UV rays. It makes sense to use them wherever possible. But you will need to make sure that the visual light transmission of the glass should be within the legal limits. 

Rinse Your Car

Before you wash your car or when a car body shop mechanic washes your car, they will always rinse your car. You must always rinse your car before you start scrubbing it with a sponge.

This helps in getting rid of the loose particles or dirt off the car. If you rinse off all the dirt before, it does not act as ‘sandpaper’ during the process of washing your car. 

The best way to protect your car’s body is to wash it on time – but not too often. If you do not have the time to wash it yourself, you can always take it to an auto body shop and get it washed. It helps keep your car clean and free from dust particles. It can help boost the health of your vehicle and prevent premature aging or fading of your car paint

Dry Your Car with a Soft and Clean Cloth

If you reuse a dirty cloth to dry or wipe your car after a good wash, it can result in a lot of scratches. This is why it is advised that you always dry your car with a soft and clean cloth. 

Wax Your Car

It is time-tested advice that waxing your car always helps protect your car’s body and make it shine. When you take your car for a car body repair, they will always wax your car after the work is done. A car that is waxed properly reflects UV rays instead of absorbing them. Waxing your car thus also helps in preventing excessive heating of your car. 

Ceramic Coating

It is one of the important things to protect your car’s body from different negative environmental effects, but everyone is not familiar with this. This coating is like a tiny armor, which is made of titanium oxide and silicon dioxide. 

This coating is strong enough to protect your car from chemicals, scratches, and even UV rays. Though ceramic coating is a costly treatment depending on how many layers you want; however, it is useful to protect your car’s body.

These are 7 important things that you can do to protect your car’s body. These steps are advised and followed by some of the best auto body shops in Abu Dhabi. Are you looking to go for car body repair and can’t find the right place? Just google ‘Car Body Shop Abu Dhabi,’ and you will find us at your service! Or call us at +971 50 187 3124. Our expert mechanics will not just clean your car and repair it but also give it a wonderful shine!