6 Things To Check At Your Car Service Center

6 Things To Check At Your Car Service Center

To ensure the proper functioning of our car, we all need to get it serviced every few months – at least twice a year. Regular service helps keep your car in good shape and increases its longevity. The experts at the car service centre also check for any damage or problems in the engine or running of the vehicle.

This is why we make sure that all our staff are super friendly and helpful to all our customers – always there to answer any queries or doubts that anyone may have. After all, taking home your four-wheeled companion with a feeling of contentment is very important. Our car service station in Abu Dhabi is not just any car servicing centre in Abu Dhabi but is one of the very best! 

We love servicing your cars the proper way because we love to see a good, satisfied smile on all our customers’ faces when they take their cars home. This is why, here in this guide, we are going to tell you the 6 important things that you must check at the car service centre during delivery. These points will aid you in getting a car service that is worth every penny! 

Check the Following Things at Your Car Service Center

As a car owner/driver, we love our vehicles, right? However, there are a few things that some of us ignore while exiting the workshop. Remember the following points whenever you visit the workshop:

Check the Following Things at Your Car Service Center

Always Insist on a Test Drive 

Abu Dhabi is a land of fast cars. This is why it is crucial to keep getting your car serviced on time – since the roads here require fast speed and proper performance.

Whenever you are taking your car post service, you need to test drive it. This is specifically for those customers who opt for a car mechanical part replacement. Even if you did not opt for a mechanical part replacement but had an air conditioner cooling problem, you need to take the car out for a quick test drive simply to test the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner while driving.

It goes the same for brake replacement and replacement of the clutch plates. If you do not check these things by taking the car for a test drive, you may come across unfinished jobs after you take the car home. Such things make it inconvenient for customers and cause them trouble. 

However, this is not the case at Alzaabi Autocare; when you think of car servicing in Abu Dhabi, you think of us! We always ask our customers to take their car for a test drive when taking their car for delivery. 

Always Pay for the Car Service at the End

A routine car service is worth a lot of money. Therefore, when you reach to take your car for delivery at the car service centre, you must wait to make the payment at the end.

First, it is pivotal to confirm that everything that was noted down before giving the car for servicing has been done and completed. Do not go to the cash counter immediately to make the payment. Check everything and make the payment once you are satisfied.

Always Check If Your Car Has Been Cleaned 

Getting a car service at a good car service centre in Abu Dhabi always includes proper washing and cleaning of the car. The labour charges also include the interior cleaning of the car. After all the wear and tear it goes through, your car deserves a good bath, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it has been done.

When taking your car post service, check that it is squeaky clean – from inside and outside. If you feel it is not so, make sure that you ask the service centre to do so before handing the car over. 

Always Examine for Job Completion 

When you send your car for service, there is a card that you fill in by providing information about everything that needs to be done. When taking your car back from the car service centre, it is crucial to check if everything that was written on the card has been done.

If any minor jobs had to be done, such as battery check or tyre rotation – check that they have been done according to the guidelines. 

Always Check for Essentials 

A good car service can never be complete if your car does not have all the important accessories. The same goes for your car battery (make sure you check that it is the same car battery) and the car tyres as well.

Many people forget about accessing the boot and checking for the spare tyre. At our car service centre in Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured that all accessories will be in place. However, it is a must to always check once before taking delivery. 

Always Check for the Fuel Level

When you give your car for service at the car service centre, they note down the fuel level. Once you get your car back, make sure that you also check the fuel level. It should not be less than what it was.

If you see any discrepancy, then you can inform the car service centre about it. The only reason this needs to be done is to ensure that the car has not been misused in any way. This also helps us to know that the air conditioning, etc., was not misused by mechanics for relaxing. 

These are 6 important things that you must check at the car service center during delivery. These points will help you to get proper car service. If you are looking for the best car service in Abu Dhabi, then hop over to the Al Zaabi Autocare workshop! Our experts will first assess your car, and once you have been updated about everything that needs to be done, the service will begin. Your car will be in the best hands, and we will make sure that you get the car service done like never before! Moreover, you can contact us at +971 50 187 3124 for any query.