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Trust the experts at Al Zaabi Nissan Service Center in Abu Dhabi’s Mussafah area for specialized maintenance, repairs, and spa services for your Nissan. Our Nissan-certified technicians use genuine parts and advanced diagnostics to optimize your vehicle’s performance.

Nissan Workshop in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

Trust Our Experts at Al Zaabi Nissan Service Center in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

Al Zaabi is your trusted service partner for Nissan service in Abu Dhabi – Mussafah. Our state-of-the-art service center is staffed by Nissan-certified technicians who have the expertise to care for your Nissan vehicle.

We use advanced diagnostic equipment and specialized tools to accurately identify and resolve any issues with your vehicle. Our technicians stay up-to-date on the latest Nissan technologies and repair procedures through ongoing training.

At Al Zaabi Nissan workshop in Abu Dhabi, we only use Genuine Nissan Parts to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our parts inventory includes components for all Nissan models.

Bring your luxury car to our Nissan service center in Mussafah for the quality care it deserves. We offer service packages tailored to your Nissan’s needs, from basic maintenance to major car repairs. Trust our Nissan specialists to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Best Nissan Workshop in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Our Services For Complete Nissan Repair in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

Nissan Oil Change Service

We perform full synthetic or conventional engine oil and filter changes on all Nissan cars and trucks to boost engine life.

Nissan Transmission Repair

We diagnose and repair any automatic or manual transmission issue on Nissans and replace fluids to restore smooth shifting.

Nissan Engine Repair

Our certified technicians will troubleshoot and fix any Nissan gasoline or diesel engine problem using factory-approved methods for guaranteed reliability.

Nissan Minor & Major Service

We perform 30k, 60k and 90k factory scheduled maintenance on Nissans plus engine, transmission and drivetrain repairs as needed.

Nissan Electrical Repair

Our technicians diagnose and repair all common Nissan electrical issues related to battery, starter, alternator, lights and power accessories.

Nissan AC Repair and Service

We service Nissan air conditioning systems by recharging refrigerant, replacing components and fixing ductwork to restore cooling.

Nissan Brake Pads Service

We offer complete Nissan brake system service including pads, rotors, calipers, lines, fluids and controls to restore safe operation.

Nissan Suspension Repair

We diagnose and fix any Nissan suspension issue related to shocks, struts, bushings, ball joints or coil springs to improve handling.

Nissan Wheel Alignment

Using advanced equipment, we perform precision alignments on Nissan vehicles to maximize tyre life and restore proper handling.

Nissan Battery Replacement

We test and replace weak Nissan batteries with high-capacity options sized perfectly for each model to restore strong starting power.

Nissan Gearbox Inspection

We thoroughly evaluate the condition of Nissan manual and automatic gearboxes to spot potential problems needing repair.

Nissan Steering & Alignment

We realign Nissan steering components and systems for accurate tracking, ideal handling characteristics and reduced tyre wear over time.

Nissan Rim Repair

Our technicians can repair and restore bent, cracked, curved or otherwise damaged steel or alloy Nissan wheel rims.

Nissan Complete Detailing

We thoroughly clean, polish, wax and condition Nissan vehicle interiors and exteriors to restore that new car shine inside and out.

Nissan Dyno & Chip Tuning

We optimize Nissan engine computer mapping to safely increase horsepower, torque and improve acceleration on custom tuned cars.

All Services

As Nissan specialists, we perform a wide variety of maintenance and repairs on all models with up-to-date training for your peace of mind.

Nissan Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

Nissan Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah | Tailored Packages

Regular maintenance is key to your Nissan’s longevity and performance. Al Zaabi Nissan garage in Mussafah offers maintenance service packages tailored specifically for your Nissan model and mileage.

Our basic package includes oil and filter change, checking fluid levels, inspecting belts and hoses, and more. We’ll examine critical systems like brakes, suspension, steering, and air conditioning and advise if repairs are needed.

For higher mileage vehicles, we recommend more extensive maintenance services. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your Nissan and replace parts like spark plugs, air filters, and coolant as needed.

All our maintenance packages are priced transparently, with no hidden fees. Our staff will explain recommended services and provide a detailed estimate upfront.

Trust our Nissan specialists in Abu Dhabi – Mussafah to keep your vehicle running optimally with our tailored maintenance packages. Contact us to schedule service today.

Get Best Auto Spa Services at our Nissan body shop in Mussafah - Abu Dhabi

Make your Nissan look showroom new again with our specialized spa services. Our specialist Nissan body shop in Mussafah – Abu Dhabi offers thorough interior and exterior cleaning and reconditioning services.

Our Nissan spa package includes shampooing carpets and seats, conditioning leather, deep cleaning vents and crevices, and more. We’ll wash and polish the exterior and apply paint sealant for protection.

For vehicles with scratches or swirl marks, we provide paint correction services. Our technicians use specialized tools to gently buff out imperfections and restore a flawless finish.

Pamper your Nissan with our spa services. Your vehicle will look and feel like new again. Contact our service advisor to schedule an appointment and get the best Nissan service today.

Nissan body shop in Mussafah - Abu Dhabi

We Deal All Nissan Models

At Al Zaabi Auto Care, we specialize in providing top-notch Nissan services. Our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in servicing a wide range of Nissan models. Whether you own a luxury Nissan, Trust Al Zaabi Auto Care for all your Nissan needs, regardless of the make or model of your vehicle.

We Deal All Nissan Models

FAQs About Specialist Nissan Garage in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah, UAE

Absolutely. Our technicians complete extensive Nissan training to become certified. They stay up-to-date on the latest technologies specific to Nissan vehicles.

Our technicians complete extensive training specific to Nissan vehicles to properly diagnose issues. We follow strict factory service guidelines to keep your vehicle operating safely and to manufacturer standards.

This helps maintain warranties. We also have the specialized diagnostic software and tools required to service Nissan’s complex modern vehicles.

Absolutely! We understand your busy schedule. That’s why we offer complimentary pickup of your Nissan from your home or office when booking any major service.

We will also deliver the vehicle back to your door once the servicing is complete. This door-to-door convenience perk is subject to location.

Our service center uses the latest Nissan factory diagnostic software and scanners to accurately identify issues with your vehicle’s complex electronic systems.

We also utilize advanced computerized alignment systems, brake lathes, suspension testers, and other precision equipment to ensure repairs are done right.

Our substantial investment in Nissan specialty tools allows for efficient and proper servicing.

Nissan generally recommends oil changes every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Our standard oil change service includes:

  • Draining old oil and replacing with new Nissan-approved oil
  • Installing a new Nissan oil filter
  • Inspecting all fluid levels
  • Checking tyre pressure
  • Evaluating the battery, brakes, and suspension
  • Providing a multi-point inspection report

If you need significant engine or transmission repairs, we will diagnose the issue and present you with options:

  • Repair – Our first choice is always repairing rather than replacing major components if feasible. We may recommend a full rebuild.
  • Remanufactured – High-quality remanufactured Nissan engines and transmissions can be an affordable alternative to new. These are thoroughly rebuilt to Nissan specs.
  • New – For some newer vehicles, installing a brand new Nissan powerplant may be the best option to regain performance and reliability.

Along with specializing in Nissan vehicles, our auto service center also has the capability to perform maintenance and repairs on other luxury makes as well.

Our technicians have experience with European vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, AudiLand Rover, and others. We use advanced diagnostics to properly identify issues.

Contact us to learn more about our servicing capabilities beyond Nissan models.

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