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The Top Best Mileage Car in the UAE for 2024: Fueling Up Savings

Best Mileage Car in the UAE for 2024

With petrol prices in the UAE spiking over the last year, fuel efficiency stays top-of-mind for drivers across the Emirates seeking to cushion the impact on their budgets. Finding a vehicle that stretches every last drop to the maximum helps alleviate the pain at the pumps.

For both individuals and families looking for their next ride here in 2024, this blog on best mileage cars breaks down the new car models and used vehicles, delivering the best mileage in the UAE market right now. 

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What Does Good Fuel Economy Look Like for UAE Drivers? 

With a landscape made for driving and cheap gasoline prices historically, fuel mileage rated fairly low on priority lists for most UAE consumers’ vehicle purchases previously. But times have clearly changed. With the country’s new diesel and petrol pricing regime adjusting costs upward each month based on average global rates since 2015, drivers feel the hit from rising oil prices globally since the pandemic recovery.

While the days of under 2 dirhams a liter have passed, the UAE’s subsidized fuel pricing still looks affordable compared to European countries and beyond, with taxation inflating costs. But that brings little relief when filling up your SUV or sedan every week hits personal budgets harder lately.

In today’s environment, a vehicle netting 15-18 kilometers per liter marks pretty good mileage for most drivers’ needs locally. Several compact and subcompact models now reach over 20km/l to maximize petrol and help consumers conserve resources. For larger seven-seater families, aiming for 10-13km/l for an SUV with ample space counts as fuel efficient in this market.

Let’s explore the standout best mileage car in UAE drivers should shortlist right now, along with used gems that wallet-conscious shoppers shouldn’t overlook either.

The Top Fuel Sippers: New Sedans Delivering Over 20km/Liter 

For professionals and small families prioritizing mileage in their next vehicle, compact and subcompact sedans present plenty of excellent options. The combination of lightweight, four-cylinder engines and front-wheel drive efficiency translates to very favorable mileage, even in higher trims. While base models stretch petrol further, well-equipped mid-grade variants still reach over 20km/l for most models highlighted below:

Honda City

Now in its 6th generation iteration, the City sedan continues building on its reputation for extreme fuel efficiency thanks to Honda’s frugal engines. Mileage ratings span 19-26km/l.

Kia Rio

Often flying under the radar behind more premium Asian brands, the Rio subcompact surprises with agile handling and fuel averages from 19 to 22 km/l.

Hyundai Accent

A long-time consumer favorite for practicality and value retains its stellar mileage credentials. Fuel economy lands between 18 to 21 km/l.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota’s entry sedan impresses critics with its balanced ride and handling. Mileage also rates well at 19-23km/l.

Nissan Sunny

Now, with enhanced safety tech, the Sunny sedan updates Nissan’s formula for roomy, no-frills mobility on a budget. Expect 18-22 km/liter.

Next down the ladder in modest compact and midsize sedan segments, reputable names like Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, and Honda Civic still mostly achieve 15 kilometers or more per liter. While compact SUVs grow increasingly popular in lieu of sedans, great mileage remains found in traditional four-door formats.

7-Seater SUVs and Crossovers: The Most Fuel-Efficient Family Haulers

Surging in popularity for the space, flexibility, and higher ride height, midsize and large SUVs now dominate family and fleet vehicle sales in the Emirates. With big V6 or turbo engines, no one will confuse these for hybrids or tiny city runabouts on mileage. But newer 2023 models see major efficiency improvements from advanced transmissions and streamlined engineering.

Here are the new 7-seaters capable of over 10-13km/l that cost-conscious families should evaluate:  

Kia Sorento

This sharply styled midsize SUV packs plenty of tech and safety innovations. Impressive highway mileage comes in between 10-14 km/l.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai’s long-running SUV nameplate enters 2023 with a bold new look and generous tech suite. Fuel economy aligns with the Sorento.

Toyota Fortuner

The rugged body-on-frame Fortuner favors adventure seekers but limits fuel usage surprisingly well. Expect 10-13 km/l.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander’s turbine-smooth V6 doesn’t guzzle too severely, netting 10-12 km/liter by most accounts.

Nissan X-Trail

With seating for up to seven and Nissan’s smooth CVT gearbox optimizing revs, the spacious X-Trail achieves 11-13 km/l.  

While struggling to match the efficiency of smaller vehicles, these family-ready SUVs prove you need not sacrifice space for petrol savings completely.

Finding Used Gems: 5 Surprisingly Efficient Pre-Owned Car Models 

Beyond showrooms, used lots around Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer hidden mileage gems on tighter budgets, too. Savvy second-hand buyers can locate lightly-used sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, averaging over 15 km/liter without difficulty. 

Here are 5 pre-owned options that go and go for travel range per tank:

Toyota Prius

The Japanese auto giant sparked the mainstream hybrid movement with the Prius. Well-maintained used versions still achieve insane efficiency.

Honda Jazz

Honda’s fun little hatchback delivers practicality and room that belie its tiny footprint. Mileage routinely hits 18km/l-plus.  

Toyota Camry 

Even previous-generation Camry sedans maintain their reputation for bulletproof quality and reduced fuel outlays.

Hyundai Ioniq

This hatchback arrived as a Prius rival, using hybrid power to minimize consumption.

Kia Rio 

Used Rio subcompacts make excellent starter cars for newer drivers on tight budgets.  

While used vehicles present more variability in engine wear and mileage, proper inspection still uncovers gems capable of covering lengthy distances between fill-ups. Test drives and mechanic checks pay dividends for pre-owned purchases.

Going Electric: EV Options Expanding for UAE Drivers

While high mileage petrol-powered vehicles still dominate sales, interest rises in electric options as charging infrastructure expands across the Emirates. EVs (electric vehicles) promise a seamless, quiet driving experience without trips to the petrol station. For those able to charge easily at home or work, an EV marks the ultimate fuel saver.

Global automakers keep accelerating EV model launches, from compact hatchbacks to luxury sedans and flagship SUVs. Locally, consumers now find multiple EV options to meet needs across budget levels. Let’s highlight the top electric picks gaining traction in the UAE market:


The British brand offers its tech-laden ZS EV crossover boasting 440 km of range from a 44.5 kWh battery pack. Priced at around 106,000 AED. 

Nissan Leaf

The pioneering Leaf hatchback enters its second generation with increased range and cutting-edge ProPilot driver assistance. Starts under 120,000 AED.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hyundai’s aerodynamic EV hatch offers a realistic range for urban commuters alongside plenty of tech goodies inside, from 149,000 AED.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Similar to the Ioniq, the Kona Electric subcompact SUV promises 289 km from a single charge —enough for a week of average commutes. It stickers from 154,000 AED.

Audi E-Tron

This luxury five-seat crossover spearheads Audi’s electric shift. Twin motors and a 95 kWh battery enable 484 km of emissions-free premium driving. Priced around 290,000 AED.

Budgets are dictating EV adoption currently, but economics keep improving with battery breakthroughs. As more solar and green power feeds the UAE grid, running emissions-free EVs daily becomes realistic while avoiding petrol completely. Government incentives like free public charging and registration also help EVs gain favor locally.

Our Verdict

Reviewing all the standout fuel sippers meeting diverse needs among UAE drivers, one model rises to the pinnacle when weighing all key factors of efficiency, practicality, and value. The all-new 2023 Honda City is the best mileage car that results in its competitive segment. And features, performance and pricing also tout it as today’s singularly best high economy option available for sale locally right now.

With a 1.5L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder linking to Honda’s brilliant continuously variable automatic gearbox, few sedans of any size match the effortless rev-happy abilities, and peak 26 km/l ratings observed inefficient highway cruising scenarios for the category-leading Honda City. No rival subcompact comes close to extracting every last mile per tank like Honda’s engineering masterpiece. 

For these compelling reasons combined, the 2023 Honda City triumphs as my definitive best mileage car across segments, budgets, and styles most suitable for UAE motorists needing to save dirhams at the bowser during this period of inflated pump prices. Test drive one locally to experience petrol parsimony paired brilliantly with genuine driving pleasure in a complete family-friendly package.


No matter your family size, budget, or lifestyle, reliable high-mileage vehicles ready to address UAE driver needs exist across segments today. Prioritizing efficiency no longer forces drastic compromises to comfort, safety, or capabilities. And innovative automakers keep raising the bar to do more with less. Committing to a fuel-sipping model reduces environmental impact while keeping cash in your pocket over years of happy motoring.

It is no longer necessary to compromise on performance, equipment, or capabilities in order to prioritize the economy. A wide selection of hybrid, electric, and even miserly petrol engines caters to all budgets and needs of UAE drivers. The more dirhams you keep in your account over the years, the better off you are by choosing the best mileage car.

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What features or technologies improve mileage most?

Smaller forced-induction engines, aerodynamic profiles, auto stop/start systems that cut idling fuel use, and gearboxes with more ratios all contribute to the enhanced economy. Hybrid drivetrains and electric vehicles take things further for low gasoline dependence.

Does driving style influence mileage significantly?  

Absolutely. Speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking all consume substantially more fuel. Cruising at moderate, stable speeds in the highest possible gear optimizes economy.

Should I consider an electric vehicle to avoid petrol completely?

For consumers able to accommodate EV charging needs, electric vehicles promise a fuel-free future. Upfront costs exceed traditional cars, but savings accumulate over the years.

Does it make sense to switch from a V8 to a 4-cylinder engine to improve mileage? 

Downsizing to a more efficient engine often pays dividends. But assess overall utility to avoid compromising the capability needed for regular passengers and cargo.