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How to Check Accident History of a Car in UAE?

How to Check Accident History of a Car in UAE

There is no doubt that a personal vehicle is an important asset. To purchase a vehicle, you must invest a certain amount of money. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research. The history of car accidents is an important factor to consider when estimating the value of a car. 

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle in UAE, you should carefully check on the vehicle’s accident history. So, you can be confident that the car you’re buying is safe and secure for your family. Furthermore, this process is beneficial if you plan to sell your car in the future. Because it provides clarity to the buyer about the vehicle they intend to buy. If you are selling your car, you should state what has been repaired and what has been damaged. 

Well, you can find a car repair specialist and take the car to him and he’ll help you to find out the history. In this informative guide, we’ll show you the other methods of how to check the accident history of a car in UAE.

Why is it Important to Check Car Accident History in UAE?

The accident history of the vehicle is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a used car in the UAE. Vehicles involved in previous incidents often have visible and unseen or long-term damage that threatens road safety for drivers and passengers. In this case, a background check is unavoidable and requires an analysis of the car’s history.

How to Check Accident History of a Car in UAE for Free?

The following is a simple way to check car accident history in UAE:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

You can check the car accident history using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also called the Chassis Number. Usually, this number can be found on a vehicle’s registration card.

You should not buy a car when the seller refuses to provide you with the VIN. You should stay away from a vehicle that has had its number scratched off, removed, or altered in any way.

Where to Check Car Accident History?

There are a few numbers of resources from where you can check the history of a car accident:

1. Ministry of Interior

On the MOI website, you can find all the important facts about car accident history if you plan to buy a used car. MOI portal retrieves and displays all relevant accident facts when you enter a vehicle’s chassis number. Information such as the number of accidents, the report number, the location, etc., are included in the report.

This service also allows you to monitor the status of your vehicle registration, traffic code violations, and number of reservations. A vehicle certificate service is also available on the website.

A vehicle accident history option can be found under the ‘Traffic Accident’ menu, while a vehicle certificate inquiry option can be found under the ‘Public Services’ menu.

2. Roads and Transport Authority

In the UAE, RTA allows used automobile buyers to check the history of the vehicle they intend to purchase. A car history report contains information about the car’s previous owners, its distance traveled, its last inspection details, and its accidents.

However, there is only one restriction to using this service: permission from the car’s current owner. When you receive permission, enter the chassis number on the RTA website to verify the car’s details. Additionally, you can find information on used cars imported from abroad on this portal.

3. Emirates Vehicle Gate

With Emirates Vehicle Gate, you can investigate the circumstances surrounding your car accident in the UAE. It is quite simple to follow the procedure. Your login information will allow you to access your account. On the website, enter the chassis number of the vehicle in the ‘Traffic Accidents Management’ column. 

An automobile’s accident history will appear on your computer screen. The facility serves as a central storage area. It provides precise information such as accident type, location, etc.

4. Abu Dhabi Police

You can also check the history of car accidents in the UAE on this website. Go to the official portal and select the option for public services. You can access this option from the menu by selecting ‘vehicle accidents inquiry.’ If you enter the chassis number of the vehicle, you can view its accident history.

5. Dubai Police

One of the best and most free resources to check vehicle accident history is the Emirates Vehicle Gate and Ministry of Interior website. The best thing is these are easy to use and charge-free.

Private Companies to Check Car Accident History in UAE

In addition to these five government platforms, a few private companies, such as CARFAX and CarReport, offer similar services. By providing an extensive record of accidents, severity impacts, emission results, and car owners, these companies make it easier to find out how a vehicle has been used previously.

1. CarReport

With CarReport, you can make an informed decision when buying your next vehicle with reliable and valuable information. Furthermore, the website provides vehicle histories for imported vehicles as well as local vehicles. The company collects information from local and global partners. 

Vehicle history data provided by the company is quite informative and transparent. You can get the report by entering the vehicle identification number.


CARFAX is another good source of information about vehicles, both for buyers and sellers. The database is really extensive. From the company’s database, you can instantly generate a history report using the VIN. 

This information is crucial and could have a significant impact on your decision to purchase. CARFAX reports contain information such as accident history, impact severity, owners, and emission results.


Before buying a car in the UAE, you should analyze the accident history and request certificates. You may not be better off avoiding these steps, even if they seem time-consuming and unnecessary. The last thing you want is to end up with major problems in the future. A secondhand car purchase can be made more comfortable and secure if the necessary paperwork is obtained.

Checking the history of a car in the UAE is that easy! Checking the history of your car accidents is simple and consumer-friendly for all new buyers, thanks to sophisticated technology and government internet portals. We hope that the preceding information will assist you in rapidly inspecting the car accident history.

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