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Range Rover Overheating Service in Abu Dhabi

Your Range Rover Engine is Overheating Due To Bad Radiator or Cooling System Issues? Let The Experts At Al Zaabi Auto Care Help Fix Your Luxury Range Rover

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Auto Engine Overheating Services in Mussafah - Abu Dhabi

Engine Overheating Services

Is your luxury Range Rover engine overheating? Maybe it’s a tell-tale sign of a bad radiator, faulty thermostat, broken belt, worn hose, or a faulty water pump – Drive no further and get it fixed at Al Zaabi Auto Care to avoid major damage to your engine like warped cylinder heads. We’ll use advanced computer diagnostic tools to thoroughly examine your Range Rover engine cooling system get its heart and soul back up and running at peak performance.

Common Problems That Result in Range Rover Engine Overheating

Our advanced diagnostic and computerized inspection tools will correctly inspect the root problem causing the engine overheating. 

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    Frequently ask Questions

    A coolant is an antifreeze called ethylene glycol diluted with water. This solution freezes at a lower temperature than water. Thus, it serves as a better coolant than water in cold weather conditions. 

    The role of a coolant is to maintain a suitable temperature in the engine and save it from overheating. If the coolant doesn’t reach the radiator due to pump malfunction, blockage or leak, it can cause engine heating. 

    The thermostat of a vehicle’s engine manages the flow of coolant. It only allows the coolant to flow when the engine heats. The main valve of a thermostat stays shut if the engine is cool or idling. 

    For some reason, if the thermostat can’t regulate the coolant flow, it can result in engine heating. This happens when the thermostat fails to open the valves, preventing the engine radiator from receiving the coolant. 

    The coolant flows through the radiator after absorbing heat from the engine. The radiator’s cooling fan brings down its temperature by allowing the coolant to transfer the heat to the atmosphere. 

    In case the cooling fan is not functioning at an optimum level, it reduces the cooling efficiency of the coolant. This problem may occur due to a mechanical failure in the electric motor that runs the radiator fan. 

    Engine oil in your Mini Cooper provides lubrication and helps to reduce excess engine heat as well. If your Range Rover is running low on engine oil, it can also cause excessive engine heating. 

    Almost all vehicles contain a coolant expansion tank these days. It regulates the entire cooling system’s pressure. But if the expansion tank is unable to release the pressure from the radiator, it can cause overheating in the engine.