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Fiat Shock Absorber Repair & Replacement in Abu Dhabi

We Are Working On All Types of Fiat Shock Absorber Repair, Service, Change, Noise, Leak Replacement in Abu Dhabi. Consult Our Service Specialists. Hard Suspension and Leaking Shocks Can Make Your Ride Bumpy Tiring. Most of Us in Abu Dhabi Use Their Fiat as Daily Commute. Rough Fiat ride, Steering pulling to one side, Tyre treads are uneven, Noise on bumps, Continuous noise even on smoother roads, The late response of breaks & Less control over Steering.

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Fiat Shock Absorbers Repair

Can you drive with a damaged shock absorber?
When a Fiat  suspension breaks, there are multiple components that could be causing the problem – such as a broken coil spring or a broken shock absorber. However, regardless of what is broken with the Fiat suspension, you should not drive the vehicle. We are Expert In Repairing Your Fiat in Affordable Cost. (Divide below tick in two section).

The most important benefit of shock absorbers is to help hold the vehicle’s wheels against the driving surface for increased traction and control. As the vehicle encounters uneven road (or off-road) surfaces, the suspension moves vertically to help maintain stability, control and passenger comfort.

The various parts of the suspension that needs proper care are

It is of utmost importance to keep all the components of suspension to keep in good condition to ensure its smooth working.

When do you know that the suspension needs repairs?

The Fiat rides roughly, and you can feel every bump on the road.
You feel the drift and pull when you turn your Fiat.
When you press the brakes firmly, your vehicle lurches forward and takes downward-nose dive.
When the tire treads are uneven, and the balding spots appear.
If the shocks and struts look greasy or oily.
Your Fiat has become bouncy.
If you observe any of the above symptoms in your Fiat, its time, you take care of the suspension and get the overhauling done.

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    Frequently ask Questions

    Unusual noises – When shocks and struts are worn out you may hear a clunking or knocking sound. This sound is caused by metal-to-metal contact when the shock or strut bottoms out when hitting a bump.

    The Warning Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts
    The movement may be slight, but you notice it. Vehicle “tips” to one side in turns. When taking a sharp turn or an off-ramp, your vehicle leans or “tips” to the outside of the turn and feels wobbly. The front end dives more than expected during hard braking.

    By not doing it’s job – absorbing the shock – not having them replaced can lead to damage in the ball joints, wheel hubs, and many other components of the suspension. Without something to absorb the shock and energy of hitting a bump, it spreads throughout your Fiat and will lead to damage

    Like all other automobile parts and systems, shocks and struts have a specific maintenance schedule. Auto repair experts say that generally they should be replaced between every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on how much wear and tear they have received.

    The components within a shock absorber are made of metal, rubber and plastic, all of which eventually degrade through extended use, extreme heat, and adverse road and weather conditions.

    One way to test the condition of the shocks and struts of your Fiat is to push down hard on each corner of a vehicle. If the vehicle continues to bounce after you let go, your shocks need replacing.

    Loss of handling and control – Driving with failing shocks or struts has a direct impact on your ability to control your vehicle. You may notice that your vehicle bounces excessively, rolls or sways abruptly when making a turn, or that you feel out of control when hit by a cross wind.

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